MINUSSE is landscapes, colours, emotions, seasons.

MINUSSE is sea and mountain, water and earth, it’s nature..

MINUSSE is experiences, stimulus, inspiration.

MINUSSE is us.


MINUSSE is the design, creation and production of fashion garments in San Sebastián, a brand with close ties to its roots and influenced by its surroundings. It was born between the Bay of Biscay and the mountains, with the sea and land as its driving force.

We draw on the colours, landscapes, scents and thousands of inspirations offered by the nature around us to create and develop our ideas. That’s why we strongly believe in respecting and caring for the environment and everything around us, because we ourselves are nature.

Our aim is to create and produce sustainable fashion with no loss of design, keeping our clothes fresh while helping the consumer to understand the impact of their purchases on the planet, pointing them towards more sustainable consumption.

“We want to share our view of fashion and prove that sustainable, ethical options too can be fun, attractive and sexy.”



Our project focusses on involving suppliers in the different parts of the process; people who work to achieve innovation, who strive to make a positive impact by offering solutions which are more sustainable, more ethical and more respectful towards the environment.

“Together, heading in the same direction, we can change the fate of the planet.”


Real Sustainable Fashion


We are part of the Real Sustainable Fashion community, created by the sustainable fashion platform, Ethical Time. A innovation, differentiation and leadership solution for brands that generate a REAL change for the future of the planet and the society.

The Real Sustainable Fashion verification is a 1st verification passed by fashion brands that sell truly sustainable products; and a community of companies with positive impact.