We can’t ignore the fact that the balance of the earth is in danger. To raise public awareness on this issue, people must behave responsibly towards pollution and the impact of fashion and consumption on the environment.

We create clothes that have something to say, which have a meaning and are backed by a project. Not just a product, but a commitment and a sentiment. Sustainability and an ethical process where times and people are respected are the core pillars of this project.

We mustn’t forget that fashion is also a means of communication. We people use fashion to convey our feelings, values, messages… And the aim of our message is perfectly clear: to prove that responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring.


We design in a sustainable way

We design timeless quality garments that resist time and trends. We select fabrics that respect the nature and your skin. Organic, natural and recycled fabrics.

We use different softwares for pattern designing, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources such as paper, water or paint. This allows us to work on the “Zero Waste” philosophy and achieve a greater use of the fabrics.

Aware of the problems posed by waste in the environment, we also take care of the packaging through the recycling of production remains. We create reusable bags, encouraging the circular economy and minimizing the impact in the medium-long term.

This environmental awareness is what we want to convey with the aim of “educating” our followers, explaining each part of the process, providing knowledge and value to each of the garments, to accompany us on the path towards more responsible consumption.



We believe in socially responsible projects

Social innovation is another mainstay of our brand. Awareness and realisation of our duty are necessary in order to create more responsible brands and educate the consumer on the need for more conscious consumption, for a more ethical process, and also to create a fairer fashion industry and trade.

We are committed to social inclusion projects and companies who respect their workers’ rights by guaranteeing decent conditions. We offer transparency. We care about every part of the process. MINUSSE is every person who participates in the process to create, produce and distribute our clothes.



  1. QUALITY We source and select quality suppliers, materials and fabrics, as well as working with decent and respectful workplaces. We add value to each and every one of our garments.
  2. DESIGN AND ROOTS We are a brand highly influenced by the environment around us, by the sea and the mountains, and by our essence, our roots, our past and our culture.
  3. NEITHER AGE NOR GENDER We want to be part of a trend in which we truly believe: fashion, clothes, as a means of expression and communication in themselves. No matter what your age, or gender, simply for everyone.
  4. TIMELESSNESS We create garments that stand up to the passing of time, which will continue to feature in your wardrobe beyond the passing trend.
  5. SUSTAINABILITY We value material traceability and respect for the environment in each and every process, from design to delivery.
  6. SOCIAL INNOVATION We back projects with a clear-cut social vocation. Workplaces offering social inclusion and decent conditions.
  7. EXCLUSIVITY We design limited collections, small quantities, unique pieces.
  8. MINUSSE POWER We’re setting out on an entrepreneurial adventure with enormous enthusiasm and energy. Wish us luck!